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Here are some of the most common questions we have been asked. If you have an additional inquiry please feel free to send us a note.



Q: What is the table top made of?

A: The table top is 1" MDF board that is coated with a marine grade epoxy coating. This coating is similar to what is used on boats and surfboards. It can be mixed with a multitude of colors to create a wide variety of designs. The epoxy has a UV element included to help guard against the sun. In addition, all of our tables come with weather protective cover

Q: Will I have a good flames height?

A:  YES!! We use a high pressure regulator and a keyed gas valve so you have total control over your desired flame height. No baby flames like with the big box stores.



Q: Can I order a design that you have already built?

A: Please know that all of our FBD tables are custom built. We can make you a similar project but no two will be the same


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